Create Design Award

Create Design Award

Catalogue Awards

Kimberley Jones

Studio Manager

Favorite TV Show: Entourage

Paragon Showreel

Paragon Showreel


Elle Horton

Account Manager

Favourite TV series: "Mad Men"

Catalogue Awards 15

Catalogue Awards 15

Catalogue Awards

Stacey Hughes

Jnr Graphic Designer

"Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure." - Rowena Ravenclaw


Tara Ackerley

Graphic Designer

Favourite Band: New Found Glory


Mike Hayes

Digital Project Manager

Favourite Thing: Not being put on the spot.

Paragon Press

Paragon Press


Jono Casley

Digital Creative Director

"Europe was created by history. America was created by philosophy." - Thatcher




Jenny Gray

Financial Controller

Everybody likes me on pay day!

Paragon Creative

Paragon Creative


Gez Fox

Senior Graphic Artist

Favorite Film: Easy Rider

Paragon Digital

Paragon Digital


Peter Owens

Creative Director

Favourite quote:"I know how hard it is for you to put food on your family" - George W Bush

The Great Dane

Dane Kirkland

Lead Animator

Favorite Quote:"¡Madre de Dios! ¡Es el Pollo Diablo!" - Captain Blondebeard


Rick Seomoon

Graphic Artist

Favourite food: KimChi Hot Pot with Pork Belly


Suzie Byrne

Digital Manager

Favorite Movie: Napoleon Dynamite


Bill Herd

Graphic Artist

Favourite Quote: “In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.” - Robert Frost


Sumanto Gunawan

Assistant Accountant

Favourite food: Satay

HTML5 Jumpstart

HTML5 Jumpstart

Day at Google

Contact Paragon

Contact Paragon


Imogen Arnold

Business Director

Favourite singer: Missy Higgins

A day at Circus

A day at Circus

Day at Circus

Lincoln Gray

Managing Director

Favorite thing to do: Working from a cafe in Rome


John Podaras

Finished Artist

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." - Socrates


Thomas E Denton

Graphic Designer

Favourite quote: "Dogs are people too"

We're 21!

We're 21!

21st Birthday

Music by: Joep Meijburg

Paragon Creative

Imagine. Create. Deliver. Our reputation has been built and maintained on these three principles for over 20 years. The Paragon Design Group provides its clients with marketing initiatives that amount to one thing: results. From concept through to production and completion, we walk the crucial path between your product and your customer, focusing our efforts on bringing the two together. We understand that the customer sits at the very centre of your brand, and that to help you attract more customers, we must think like your customers.

Paragon Digital

We are continually investing in the best people and techniques in the world of digital. Whether it's animated point of sale in the retail arena, mall media, electronic direct mail or the worldwide web, we like to explore exciting new possibilities, helping you discover endless potential and bring in better results for your business.

All our digital artists are experts, with imaginations as impressive as their skills. We'll show you how you can achieve results you didn’t know were possible and get real value from an agency that has your best interests at heart.

A cork-popping night at the 2015 Catalogue Awards

It's been another award-winning year for the talented Paragon team at the Australian Catalogue Association Awards. With our client Telstra, we enjoyed a glittering night at Melbourne's Crown Casino – taking home the Business to Consumer Category, for our 'Let's Connect – Christmas Joy' Telstra catalogue. We've had a 16-year association with Telstra retail, having done the first Telstra Shop catalogue, and every one since.

Off and running

10 obstacles set over 11 kms. Call us crazy but we're mad for an endurance race!

Seven Paragonites participated in the Men's Health Urbanathalon this year, and that's off the back of our earlier efforts in the Nissan/BRW Corporate Triathlon.

There's nothing like a two-hour hit of exercise on a Sunday morning to get the blood pumping.

Happy Birthday to us

21 years ago, things were very different. MD Lincoln Gray, to serve the clients of his marketing consultancy, had to use external design studios, that were rare, expensive and often disappointing in their grasp of the brief. So, to sidestep them, he opened his own, and The Paragon Design Group was born. Over 21 years, Paragon has attracted and retained expert digital artists across creative, print, and animation, and we have earned a great reputation from our clients, as well as pre-press houses, printers and broadcasters.

It was a Circus

Ever year we attend the Circus Festival of Commercial Creativity presented by the Communications Council.

It's a great way to soak up the latest trends of the industry and hear first-hand advice from leading marketers from around the world.

Our favourite part of this this 3-day event was easily ‘Keynote Day’. In one day, we heard from the VP of Coca Cola's Global Advertising Strategy and Content Excellence team. Then we listened to the head of consumer marketing at Facebook, the Executive Director at the Sydney Theatre Company and many, many more. The festival highlighted creativity from all over the world and gave us a chance to submerge ourselves in some of the best ideas shared at an international level.

HTML5 Jumpstart

We were invited along to Google Sydney's stunning Darling Harbour offices to learn how they are facilitating HTML5 rich media into DoubleClick studio. After some inspiring talks regarding the possibilities of HTML5 driven content, we moved into a ‘hands on’ coding workshop. Check out the video of the day

Telstra catalogue wins CREATE design award.

Paragon is proud to have produced the Telstra catalogues since 1999.

The exciting new Telstra catalogue template was designed by the team at Interbrand in 2012, and the Telstra January 2013 'Back to It' issue produced by Paragon was entered into the awards by Franklin Web Printing.

The Telstra catalogue manager for this award-winning issue was Daniel Pistininzi.

Get in touch

We reside at 311-315 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, 2000, Australia. Either stop by, send us an email at, or give us a call on +61 02 9213 4100 to discuss your needs.